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May 06, 2010


I stopped at 7-11 today and while I was in line the phone rang and the dude behind the counter answered it. It wasn't a personal call(unlike those son of a bitches working at gas stations, are they ever not on the phone? What are they always talking about, they're in a gas station 12 hours a day talking un-english on a cordless house phone and it's probably to the same person.**) the guy behind the register was answering what seemed to be "yes" and "no" questions. What the crap was the person calling asking?? Did they want to know if Big Bites were still 2 for $2 and if so, how many were currently left? What flavor Slurpee are they serving today? Does your branch plan on ordering the new Zesty Extreme Doritos? Did you find a coat? What the fuck? It just seems like everyone knows where 7-11 is located (every 2 blocks on a corner) and i'm pretty sure we know there hours of operation and I think most people have a good idea of what they sell. Maybe the question was strictly knowledge based. Back home, if my friend and I would argue about something that and we couldn't reach an agreement on, he would call Blockbuster for the tie breaker. He would call Blockbuster for anything and swears that they know all: directions, who was the 22nd president, are grapes on sale at Kroger.

**Gas station: Why do gas stations still put nine tenths after the cent. When the gas is $3.99 -9(that little tiny nine in the upper right corner that I don't know how to make on my computer)At this point, can't we just call it $4, i think i'm good with that, it's nine tenths closer to $4 than it is to $3.99 let's just round that.