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March 24, 2010


I received some messages yesterday to call a number and put a vote in to legalize marijuana. Apparently it's a move to legalize marijuana and tax it like cigarettes and alcohol. The number said that if we were to legalize it and tax it like the cigarettes and alcohol we would gain an extra ten to fifteen billion dollars a year. We would also not have to pay taxes towards apparent criminals that are serving up to thirty years or life in prison for charges on marijuana. They literally were just smoking a plant and didn't hurt anybody. I've never seen anybody get violent or hurt anyone while high. Our country just has a pretty big misconception of the effects of a lot of things. Obama will vote to legalize with one million votes. The number is 973-409-3274 and you press # to legalize. If you are really in favor of legalizing marijuana it's better then sitting around and complaining all the time. You would really be helping out a lot of people with your votes.