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Published July 09, 2009 More Info ยป
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Published July 09, 2009
First off, I would like to thank everyone for the votes and kind words in re my Chuck Norris caption. Breaking 60 funnies is not something I thought I'd ever do, and I am humbled by your recognition. Please remember to tell your hot, single friends how funny I am.Second, who wants to go to Vegas? I'm trying to organize a little FOD vacation in the near future. If you want it, leave some preferred dates here or message me.And finally, today's contest: Who say chivalry is dead?Drwho diagnoses:I guess I am to judge this one.I really liked everyone's haikus, well mine was sorta lame.Honors areStill spotted:phukuhp I CANT HELP IT DEEREVERY TIME I SEE THAT ASSI JUST GET HORNYSpike horn:jessicaligulaSunday at the zooThe family can enjoyGod's wondrous creaturesFull Rack:FissureFilmsCoitus amongst deerBambi loves a reach-aroundThumper masturbates