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November 15, 2013

The 10 reasons why I love the Canadian-born head coach of the Los Angeles Kings.



10 Reasons Why I Love Darryl Sutter


  • He brought Lord Stanely’s Cup to Los Angeles for the first time.  Despite having wildly talented personnel that flat out play together, this Alberta native deserves a big chunk of the credit. 




  • He doesn’t particularly care for the star-focused mindset prevalent in the Los Angeles sports culture with its other teams, and resists overt pressure from all quarters to succomb to it.


“The reason that this organization did well the last two years was role players. Not just the stars and all that, but role players played a big part in it.” (Practice Quotes, November 8, 2013)


  • As a standing policy, he prefers not single out players for their positive or negative performances, opting to concentrate on the team’s group performance and overall outcome.


  • He had no qualms about publicly downgrading team mega-sponsor McDonalds, since it pulled its support of the beef industry in his home province.


"I haven't been in [McDonald’s] since they cut off Alberta beef, and that was quite a few years ago, and I don't even like standing besides [their logo during interviews]," (February 28, 2013)


  • His spontaneous celebration arm-pump during the Stanley Cup Rally at Staples, after taking center stage and giving a fan address in inimitably short-winded style.


  • His players sound just like him in interviews: blunt.  edgy.  borderline agro.  They, too, totally love this guy.


Reporter: [...] you hit the puck with your stick [...] and it went off the boards [...] ?

Jonathan Quick (visibly annoyed): You guys are writing a story on that one goal? (October 7, 2013)


  • He is proactive about and committed to raining on the media’s hype parade, antagonizes them, yet maintains an unassailable charisma.


Reporter: How was the emotional roller coaster for you guys on the bench tonight?

Sutter: I’m pretty even keel.

Reporter: Well, just in general.

Sutter:  I don’t think there was any emotional roller coaster.


Reporter: What does Darryl Sutter do to celebrate scoring 7 goals in one game?

Sutter:  Celebrate?

Reporter: Well, it doesn’t happen every game.

Sutter: Maybe do it again next game.  (October 24, 2013)


“Seven goals were scored in one game tonight ... You might call that sexy.”


  • He is a defense-first style hockey coach.


  • In 2011, before accepting the position head coaching in Los Angeles, he seriously weighed staying home to work on the family farm outside of Viking, Alberta, population 1,041.


  • His number one priority is winning hockey games- it’s not to be accepted or praised, or to champion a cause.  Hockey games, dude.  The man wins hockey games.


“I expect to win every night.” (October 21, 2013)