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September 23, 2009


SAVED BY THE BELL RAP!  Yes, I made this shit up.

Originally named Good Morning Ms. Bliss
The title and the theme got changed with the quickness
NBC picked up the second pilot
And years later, Tori Spelling would play Violet

Zach Morris was the one who was always causing trouble
Long before he was old enough to grow some stubble
The love of his life was Kelly Kapowski
Few would disagree they were meant to be
Sleek and sly, always considered taboo
But on his SAT’s, jigga got a 1502

Next there’s Slater, A.C., that is
Came to Bayside, just mindin’ his own biz
An army brat and a jock was he
Always competin’ with the one and only Preppie
He ends up falling in love with Jessie the Mama
Obviously different people, this caused a lot of drama

Kelly Kapowski was an all-American girl
Her short skirts and cheers made me want to hurl
Papa was po’ and she couldn’t go to prom
Zach Morris saved the day with a trick up his arm
A surprise picnic in the back of Bayside
Not gonna lie, I definitely cried

Jessie Spano was class president
Never doin’ a thing without a teacher’s consent
She thought she loved Zach while in the play
But her boyfriend, AC, she couldn’t betray
Her hair was tight and full of curls
Years later, she’d be struttin’ naked in the movie Showgirls

Samuel Screech Powers was the biggest tool
He loved Lisa Turtle, but she was really cruel
I’ll never understand how he was friends with the “in” crowd
But rest-assured, his mama was proud
That is until, her Elvis statue broke
Screech fainted and almost suffered a stroke

Lisa Turtle was the only black chick in the school
She only cared about shopping and jewels
Remember what happened to her mom’s Mercedes Bens?
You should never drink and drive, with your friends
All she did was bitch and complain
Especially when her and Screech had to dance the Sprain

And what’s up with the principal Mr. Belding?
He’d be cooler if he sported a nose ring
He wanted the class to trip at Yosemite
They said fuck you, we disagree!
So in came Rod to save the day
They went white water rafting, much to Dick’s dismay