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August 18, 2009


I have to make a list of things to do.  Oh not today or even tomorrow but somewhere in the future.  When my son who is now 10 and my daughter who is now 8 have a family of their own and more importantly a house of their own.  Now I don’t want to seem like I am keeping score or even being vengeful but one day I asked my kids if I came to their house  and treated it as they do ours, would they mind.  An innocent “No” was what I got.  So I asked again, if they were sure that I could one day come to their house and treat it as they do our house now.  “Sure” my son said.  My daughter just gave me the eye roll and the long drawn out “DAAAAADD.

So I would like to make a to do list of things that I need to make sure and accomplish on this wonderful day.  I’ll start by showing up early and walking in letting the door slam behind me hard or I may leave it open if it is winter.  I will immediately proceed to the living room where I will drop off my coat, shoes and backpack.  (why do I have a backpack?  Cause its part of the story)  I will flip on the TV and turn to a show that I want to watch with the volume about two spots down from the max.  Well, what to do now, I know, I could go for a cup of tea.  Oh no, I won’t need a glass, the coffee pot should work just fine.  Here let me just add 18 bags of tea and let that simmer on the counter.    While I am here,  think I will have a bowl of cereal.  But I don’t want milk on it.  I know, syrup sounds like a good idea.  Oops, dropped it all over the floor.  The kitchen floor is now a veritable mine field of little captain crunch balls and syrup.  It seems dark in here.  I better turn on every light in every room.  That should help. 


After my trip I could sure use a shower.  One thing that is important to me when showering is to feel the breeze so I better leave the shower curtain open.  And no towel for this cat, I will be air drying on the part of the floor that does not have a rug.  And now for good measure, I will leave my first deuce unflushed in the toilet, but defiantly not my last.  


 I was eating gum and suckers on the ride over and don’t know what to do with all these wrappers.  I will put them in the couch until I am ready to throw them away.    Well, I am bored now, what do to?  I know, I will go jump on the new bed for awhile.  I am sure the mattress needs breaking in.

Abigail just walked in and seems upset that I painted the bathroom wall with nail polish, I try to tell her I thinks it pretty but she is having none of it.  Now Mark wants to know how the downstairs sink got broken .  I forgot to tell him that I was washing my rock collection and that happened.  Ok, almost done, just need to touch the TV screen with my hand repeadtly, put something in the freezer that doesn’t belong there, fix the computer so the toolbar disappears and hide the TV remote in a drawer.


So Mark and Abby, that’s the list.  I cant wait to come over.  We will have so much fun.  What are we having for dinner?  I don’t like that.  Can we go to DQ? 


Now lest you think that I am in anyway complaining about my kids or unhappy with them at all, just remember this.  I am talking about a house.  What makes all this tolerable is that we live in a home.  That home is filled with love, joy and laughter.  But our house gets trashed on a daily basis.  :-D