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January 13, 2013

My thoughts on Snapchat


Thoughts on Snapchat

-One can use sepia to turn a horrifying dick pic into an artistic horrifying dick pic

-The beautiful thing about Snapchat is that no one would want to see my naked body for over 10 seconds.

-A good thing about Snapchat is that it’s difficult to screenshot pictures on Snapchat because they dissolve faster than a Taylor Swift relationship.

-Finding people to sext with online is a great way to make friends (who all happen to be sexual predators)

- You can make a potential partner feel extremely uncomfortable by including five smiley faces and a poor drawing of your cat, Oscar, in your steamy sext!

-Sending a picture of one of your poops to an unsuspecting friend would be hilarious! (No, don’t actually do this, you sick bastard.)

-Even receiving a picture of a McRib can reduce the lifespan of the recipient by years. Keep this in mind if you’re Snapchat buddies with someone that you actually hate.

-Douchebags: Draw abs on your shirtless snapchats to impress the ladies. It won’t work though, because only an idiot would fall for that.

-If making regrettable decisions is your thing, you can snapchat when drunk!

-Does it make me fat that I consider sexting “exchanging pictures of bacon”?

-With Snapchat, it’s now really easy to convince people of your mental ineptitude. Just take a picture in the dark.

-Because of Snapchat, you can help a friend quickly lose their faith in humanity by documenting your trip to your local Wal-Mart.

-Teenage girls: Feel free to send thousands of pictures of yourselves making wacky facial expressions because no one has seen enough of your facial expressions on Facebook. Duckfaces are preferable.

-If 85 percent of the snapchats you send are pictures of your cats, you’re a crazy cat lady. Even if you’re a man, you’re a crazy cat lady.

-The fact that someone has more than likely taken a picture of a crushed ice cube with the caption “Now that I’ve broken the ice” depresses me to no end.