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July 05, 2012

Toronto's digital video agency Biz Media takes a stab at re-creating their favourite Rolling Stone covers using their own office personell.

"If you were born sometime after 1985 and are male, chances are that you watched Jackass, which Johnny Knoxville fronted after getting repeatedly tazed and shot in the face with pepper-spray on video. This 'sacrifice of dignity’ for the camera was something that hadn't really been seen before, it was shot on accessible handy-cams and had a home-movie vibe to it, which in a way inspired me to pickup a camera. I've been shooting and editing digital video since I was 12 years old, but it wasn't until my friends and I tried to imitate Jackass that I discovered the fun and camaraderie that lies in film making . This inspiration, mixed with his adventurous personality, is why I chose to pay homage to Mr. Knoxville, aka, the first Jackass." - Jon Simonassi
"In order to find an appropriate cover that didn’t involve an extreme close up, and where I could be decently clothed, I had to go back 30 years. But really, I just love retro, and showing my inner-geek by going vintage Star Wars. And is there anything better than Domo standing in for Chewie?" - Kristen Hill
"Phish has had a monumental impact on the lives of myself, Andrew, Dima and Justin, so choosing this cover was a no-brainer. They have inspired us in so many ways over the years, but if I had to single out one salient point we've learned from them it would be about entrepreneurship. In high school seeing Phish was always a top priority, but it involved traveling, buying tickets, booking hotels andmany other expenses that we couldn’t afford. There were always lots of ‘trust fund kids’ who toured with the band as well, but we were middle class kids from Bathurst and Steeles and not seeing Phish wasn’t an option. We had to become resourceful and enterprising to be able to afford seeing their concerts, and in turn it took us all over the US - from Maine, to Miami, to Las Vegas. We set up a small business selling original art prints in the venue parking lots and on ebay, and our yields enabled us to continue our adventures. Our connection with the music forced us to think in new ways and taught us how to carve our own paths. We owe it all to Phish, and there’s no other band we would ever wear tutu’s for." - Dan Demsky
"I’ve never been much of a Manson fan, but I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t fascinated by his dark strangeness in my formative years during the 90’s. I was in high school during his rise to fame, during the Columbine Massacre for which he was blamed, and during the goth zeitgeist that attracted so many young people. While his music never much interested me and I wasn’t a goth (quite the opposite), I often found myself seeking out his interviews and videos, researching him in articles, and even asking his fans to confirm if the rumours about his sociopathic devilry were true. I was perturbed in exactly the way he wanted society to be. It wasn’t until I was older and cynical that I realized the utter sham of it all, the showmanship and cheesy theatrics - the business of performance art. I chose Manson as the cover mainly for two reasons: 1) As a memento to my high school self, disturbed from afar by the black, gothic tide that occupied my school’s halls, and 2) Sometimes it’s good to get out of your comfort zone. If Manson does one thing well, it’s having that affect on people." - Jon Pottins
"Originally I thought that my wavy black curls and low-riding side burns allowed me to pass as a fairly fitting Kramer. However, given that I am a short, (occasionally) temperamental Jew with a soon-to-be receding hairline, I think the evidence speaks for itself. I am George Costanza." - Rob Borts

"In this shoot I was directed to, “thrust my pelvis and chest forward.” Sorry Katherine." - Luke Bellissimo 

"Elaine and I have a lot in common - we’re both tomboys, we both have a solid circle of friends consisting primarily of dudes, and we both have a sassy attitude to boot." - Katherine Kwan

"Being the tallest and lankiest person in my group of friends has earned me the nickname Kramer in the past, so playing him in the shoot pretty much had to happen. I just wish they let me keep the leather jacket..." - Anthony Abbatangelo

"The truth had to come out at some point, so I guess this is as good of a time as any - I am Stephen Colbert’s stunt double. Remember the Colbert vs Conan vs Jon Stewart battle? Yup, that was me. And the tragic wrist accident that lead to the birth of quite possibly the most important cause of our generation? That was also me. Now I know that some of you skeptics might say that my story is all made up. You might even try to challenge me with your 'hard evidence' or 'facts,' but until you’re ready to stare deep into your gut, you will never find the truth." - Ted Ghanime

"I picked this cover because I thought it was a funny idea. Also I think my biological clock is ticking, so my need to bear children is getting stronger everyday. I have a feeling this is the closest it’s ever gonna get." - Diego Turro

"I found it to be a natural occurrence for me to get into my character. Life has given me plenty of opportunities to practise kicking, whining and urinating. And with Tom Green as the centerpiece, I am reminded that Canada is a glorious country that creates great people and opportunities." - Patrick Tenn

"This was one of the only covers where I got to keep my clothes on; that was nice. It’s also plus that I like Drew Barrymore, and I tend to wear flowers in my hair anyways. Drew had one of the most messed up lives, going from a child actress to having crazy addiction problems, to being a really successful actress and director. And she’s funny as tits to boot - probably one of the best SNL hosts of all time (well, top ten at least)." - MK Morris

"When I was younger, everyone I knew owned the Green Day album Dookie. I however didn’t, and that really pissed me off. Well guess what, I got to be Tre Cool. Beat that, losers." - Peter Strauss

"I’m still confused as to why I had to dye my hair blond when we have Photoshop." - Mitch Kajiura

"Green Day has always been my primary source of inspiration for being a musician as well as an audio engineer and producer. Almost every piece I’ve written for Biz Media has been derived directly from a song on American Idiot. ZOMG!" - Aaron Gaistman