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October 31, 2008


Hey everyone it's Trevor Price this the intro to the incredibly boring blog about the phases i go through to makeĀ indieĀ movies and videos for FOD. This is being considered our official website for everything Black Crush since our old one is under construction. Let me tell you about our selves if i don't this is like a high school date without the awkward sex. Black crush was started when i was in eighth grade as a comics company with a couple of my friends. Those friends weren't serious about my ambitions to work in the comic industry as i was. I then closed shop for a couple of years to try stand up i won a couple of ametuer competitions.And it wasn't until Senior year i found friends that were serious about it except it wasn't comics it's movies instead. I started to find my hidden talent, writing yep writing it's almost the same process as comics. Then i discovered directing what a great job telling people how to act when you can't act yourself america a great country. So now that i told you about this small organization enjoy the videos and blogs come back every week.