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May 11, 2009


I know the week is still young, but I'm counting last week too. Its been a long week, if you know what I mean. Lets get some stuff off the chest.

To the woman whose house i am working on,  I guess you had no idea that when you asked us to put new outlets  all over the house, that we have to make holes in the walls over the house. You were pissed when you got home, you yelled at me, not my boss but me. When you did, one of your eyes spazzed  out a little bit. It really cought me off guard. This might be why i didn't actually get mad.

To the Boston Water and Sewer Dept, Why you gotta send that jack hammer crew outside my house at 7am. I Get UP AT NINE, FUCK!

To my happily married friends, who just announced that they are having a baby. I sincerely am happy for you, but your killing this quarter life crisis that I'm trying to fight off. Ya i'm gonna be 25 next week and sure i've been able to fight off going back to the "suit and tie" world and managed to avoid any long extended relationships,  but your making it very hard.

To my favorite sub shop,  Why did you totally screw me on the Chick parm sub tonight ladies? Ya they're all chicks and I'll take three of them out for a nice seafood dinner. Normally you give me an awesome messy huge sub, and tonight i can touch the top of the roll together? Weak ladies, weak. See you next week.

To "Steff" the woman whose name i couldn't remember Saturday night, at a bar at 1:30 am after i was at a Sox game,  when i asked you for your phone number. Did you realize that when i said "How do you spell your name"  i had no idea what your name was? You responded with "Steph? S-T-E-P-H! " Thanks, I was bombed.

To the Bank of America, $6 bucks to use an outsiders ATM machine? SERIOUSLY? $3 from the ATM and $3 from you too? Twenty bucks can cost me $6? Thats 30%. Your all savages.

To the husband and wife "little people" I saw crossing the street, holding hands. You  honestly made my day.

OOOOO YYYAaaA. That helps.