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Published May 30, 2012

Source: theleek.com

Meatloaf is notorious on music video and movie sets for his thrice hourly contractually obligated bathroom breaks. He met with the Hollywood Leek this morning to describe his favorite "shitting idioms" in an interview that took three hours because of the nine, 15 minute long bathroom breaks.

1.  UNCORKING- that first bit shooting out like a cork.

2.  BROWNBALLS- when you have to shit so badly your balls hurt.

3.  AFTERSHOCK- when you take a shit so big that you have to keep taking little shits afterwards.

4.  SOFT SERVE- no explanation needed.

5.  PUMPING THE BREAKS- when it's coming out so fast, that you have to repeatedly clench to avoid splatter.

6.  POWER-SANDER- when the shit breaks off halfway out and stays there, leaving you to sand it down with an entire roll of toilet paper.

7.  DEJAPOOING- when you poop once, and then in the same sitting poop again

8.  STREPPING- when you shit so hard you get a sore throat.

9. THE PASSION - When a shit is too big to pass through your anus and you have to bite down on a hand towel to not scream out in pain.

10.  THE RED WIND- when you eat a bunch of mexican food and fart blood.