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April 04, 2008


I'll start this blog by saying that Jake need a hair cut

Jake Lucus






Doesn't he look look like a young Lucas...it might just be me, or it might be the fact that he called everyone a wookie.


I was in LA last weekend so we could shoot our next big BIG big short. ACTION NEWS an absurdists look at a news team promo.

We convinced my favorite FOD team members to be in the video Hench "the Mench" kicks it off with a steam filled crotch that no one can stop, Owen broke into his inner child then stole his lunch money and Drew got punched in the face.

Owen as Chopper






Here's Owen in front of the green scrreen....he's super

As usually happens, as soon as i got into town all the girls left. I walk into FOD on wednesday afternoon and Amy, Lauren and Bryan say "hi Jack...um...we gotta go." all three left the state soon after. Makes you feel good.

Two very hyper thanks need to go out to

1. Olivia Munn - If you follow that link you won't be back to this BLOG for a couple hours... i don't blame you, i found myself staring at every single picture, going to her fan sites, hiding in her bushes (ha bush) But you most likely already know her as the co-host of the G4 daily "Attack of the Show"    She brought such great energy, she was spontaneously funny, she had a wicked sick clever wit and she made her genius seem natural. She is so good at what she does that i hate her for it...and I'm just hoping that she won't read this...because then she'll kick my ass.

2. brad BRAD brad - The former FOD intern now full staff member helped with all of Jake and I's shoots and, even though he insisted on being called a "FUNtern", is a wicked good shit. We went out drinking and impromptly decided to have and "old time" drink night,, in which you could only order "old timey" drinks. I start with a gin and tonic (mmmm gin) Jake sees my gin and raises  a Mint Julep (oooooo right) we look to Brad to up the anti and, cool as Kyle MacLachlan, orders a scotch on the rocks.

Out of nowhere the kid brings his A game.


So the moral of the story is that you should keep your eyes out for a new Almost Twins video coming soon to an internet near you. And I'll try to update this thing as much as I can.


Almost Twins