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the wearing of wires sci fi film starring michael lieber and heather russell-kay
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Published: March 04, 2013
Description: the wearing of wires sci fi film starring michael lieber and heather russell-kay

The Wearing of Wires is a short Science Fiction drama set in the future. It is a puzzle, where the audience is able to piece the story together as the film goes on through a series of flashbacks.
It follows the story of Dr.Jennifer Lidman, who works for a company called Dren Corp which specialises in Robotics. She is married to David Lidman and has received a grant to build a robot. During making J.A.C. the robot, David dies in a tragic car crash and in her grief she makes J.A.C's body take on the appearance of David. Dren Corp has discovered this and in accordance to their laws has to destroy J.A.C. Jennifer has taken J.A.C to one of the last remaining forests in Europe before Dren Corp can get to her to take J.A.C away. There she shows J.A.C the beauty of nature. The forest shows the sharp contrast of how life was and what it is becoming, with the pure and natural forests and the technologically advance, man made J.A.C. 
Jennifer eats some berries that J.A.C discovers mistaking them to be Juniper berries. These cause her to pass out and wake up in a hallucination. During this she sees J.A.C as her dead husband David, which gives her the chance to gain closure over what has happened and move on. After she wakes up from this, her and J.A.C head home to start a new chapter of her life. 

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