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Published August 17, 2011

Right off the bat Bouns idea: GTA Vice City: The Movie in real 3D, Redrum ( A horror / Thriller movie in 3D about a sexy lady killer.)

Super-B*tches ( Think X-Men meets The Avengers meets a XXX movie. Are 3 super bitches Sunny Ray ( with the super power of controlling Heat and can shot fire. played by Deborah Ann Woll ) Nicky Freeze ( The ice lady played by Ksenia Solo) and Trish Powers ( The super super stong one played by Tara Reid ) by day they work for TMZ as there cover and by night there out kicking ass! An they are taking on pure evil of the most sick and twisted kind. A gang known as the Darkside Boyz lead by the Queen of mean Betty Cougar the soul eater ( played by Nicole Kidman ) and her goal is the end all life on earth once and for all.

Solo ( A really f*cked up comedy about the dating world of 30 year old's living in L.A in these days. All rolls played by real life stand up acts that are looking for there big brake. This is a very weird and dark comedy with happy ends ;-).  "Based on a meany of a true story." we got it all Strate, gay and Bi stories and everything swingin you dig.

Jack and Coke ( A story about the hard drug use in Hollywood back in the 80's based off true events. )

More bouns: The Pitts ( The Story of a rocker dude from Pittsburgh named izzy Green. A man with the blues that just can't get anything to go his way at all. An that leads him into killing himself . Yes even after things start going his way with the ladies and his new band, but  like always it all backfires superass hard on him because his a f*ck up. So yes that crap leads him into hanging himself in bar when playing a show there a. So let me tell you this flick has lots of tits, ass and vj in it a, with lots of drinking and drug use and a lot of good tunes that get this man all f*cked up all the way around. Some real sad and f*cked up sh*t in this sh*t that it will make you enjoy your own life no matter how f*cked up it is a. Rated R but could be XXX.)