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September 30, 2009


We all know how much I like to party. I drink like a fish and my alcohol bills have gone through the roof. Times are hard and, in these tough times, we need to learn how to make more from less. Well, my roommate, Murph, his cousin told him how to make your own booze.

It's a simple process really. Just get a empty jug and clean it out real good. This is what you're going to make it in.

Pour anything you want into the jug but make it something you like because this is going to be the "base" for your drank drank. If you like apple juice, you should use apple juice. I did Gatorade Rain. You know, the one with "No Excuses" printed on it, because that's how I live. Or like milk. Milk is probably good. Ha, and good for you. Hahaha. Doesn't matter. It all works. One other thing, because you make it yourself, it's natural and organic too.

Alright, now once you've done that, spit in there. That starts the fermenting process. You only have to do it once but I like to get super wasted. I spit five times, bro! Okay, now put a balloon on the top. That will seal it up and capture all the alcoholic gases.

You're pretty much done. Just kick back and wait. When the balloon is fully inflated (about 36 days), a-hah, it's ready. Remove the balloon and pour over ice. Now you can get your drink on with your boys for a ca-razy night of Halo 3: ODST or some romantic time with a certain hot female. You know the one. Aww, yeah. I cannot wait for November 3rd!

And now you've made your own booze. You're welcome.