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Published April 21, 2011

Do you want it to happen?  And by "it", I mean do you want it to happen?  Are you ready for the success you have always dreamed of?  Do you want to reach the top of your personal mountaintop?  Have you been to the mountaintop climbing store, and bought all of the equipment necessary to climb to the top of that mountain?  Have you brought food rations for when the going gets tough?  Are you ready to kick second-best right in the asshole?  If the answer is “Yes”, my friend, then Go For It!

That’s right.  Go For It! is what I call my fool-proof guide to going for it and coming out on top.  And there’s just one way to do it:  Go For It! 

That’s all you have to do to beat the system and take control of your life!  Ever wish you had more money?  Ever wish you had a great girl with big breasts and lots of money?  Ever wish you had friends who loved how much money you had?  Then, GO FOR IT!  Get that money!  Get that girl with breasts!!  Get those friends and GO FOR IT!


How did I come up with this ground-breaking maxim for success?  How did it all come about?  Well, I’ll tell you.  Five years ago, I was thirty years old.  I had just gotten a divorce from my second wife, my kids wouldn’t talk to me because their mothers had turned them against me because I couldn’t pay child support, and I had developed what some people would call an addiction to cocaine.

I woke up one morning with nothing.  No money.  No girl.  No job.  No clothes.  I looked at myself in the mirror, hung over with my upper lip bloody from Colombian nose sugar, and realized what a disaster my life would become if I didn’t establish a short, addictive catchphrase for capturing life and all of its wonder.  And then it came to me:  You can only get what you really want in life if you Go For It!  And so that’s what I did!  I went for it, and I got it, and now you can get it, too!!

Here’s how it works!!!

Step 1.  Figure out what you want to go for.
Step 2.  Go For It!
Step 3.  You got it!

It’s that simple!  There’s no small print in life, people.  No reading between the lines, or special language that people like you and I need to have in order to get what we want.  I got the car!  I got the boat!  I got the girl!  And so can you!  All you have to do is Go For It!  GO FOR IT!!!  Do you want your father’s respect?  Your mother’s love?  Are you tired of watching your siblings look at you and snicker every time the word “disappointment” comes up in a conversation?  So was I, and now you can do something about it!  And do you know how?!  Well, it won’t be by not going for it!  Hell no!  Only when you dedicate your life to the full pursuit of going for it and acquire the stamina that going for it requires will you realize your full potential!  Are you ready?

Then GO FOR IT!!!

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