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March 05, 2010


So  I got to sit through a Chick Flick today. Its newer but I don't know the name of the movie because I came in late about a quarter a way through. But aparently My freind was an extra in this movie and stood in line to get Icecream and was in two one second shots. I have to admit I missed her both times, but pretended to see her. Ahhh yeah. Any one else have this experience with their freinds? She was bummed because they were supposed to pay her 200 dollars but she didn't get any money. (imagine that)(give em a script and see what happens.) Anyway not that you would care but hey its a story. What would a movie be without extras,,,,,,, Lets here it for us. WE ARE THE EXTRAS...WE WAIT TABLES,,,,, WE WASH CARS AND DRIVE CABS,,,,, AND WE CONSTANTLY PUT OUR LIFE ON HOLD TO SPEND TWO SECONDS IN A FILM THAT DOESN'T EVEN PAY US...........WHY???????? BECAUSE WE ARE ACTORS!!!!!!! WE ARE WRITERS!!!!!!!AND WE DIRECT MOVIES NO ONE WILL EVER SEE!!!!!!!! FOR LOVE OF THE LOVE. FILMED IN SANTAMONICA she said. tadaaaaaaaaaaaa.