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August 03, 2009


My God. My roomate wanted to watch True Blood- I was against it from the start- So last season I sat down and watched episode one with him. I think it is the stupidest show I have ever not been able to  not watch. I hate it mostly because no matter what I am doing sunday night at nine oclock- I have to find a television set so I can get my next fix.  I scan the enternet for spoilers, and I plot out in my head what I think is going to happen next and how this season is going to end. Now this blog is only for Fang Bangers. If you don't follow the show, don't worry if you don't understand the comments.
I think that Sookie and bill will be interupted by Eric.

  Because Eric seems to have the hots for  Sookie and I am starting to see a little softness torwards Eric by Sookie.
Jason is a Dick slingler. I am worried about the way the last episode left him.
Nothing a little V won't take care of.
Eric and Bill seemed to be a little worried about this new creature.
 And Marryanne is a devil, and suposedly emortal.

Now Terra's mom hasn't been in any episodes lately, and you know she has found Jesus, and she may be an important twist at the end of the series.
but I see many twist that could happen, it really could go any way at this point. like why is marryanne so out to get Sam?

And what is up with that girl? Is she going to eat her boyfriend?
 Somehow its all going to tie together. I for one think that the guy in the kitchen and Andy the cop who are relatives are also werewolves.
 I think that could come into the season finale somehow.
I don't know, maybe Laffiette now that he is back in the V buisness will pour some V on the sacrificial stone and o.d the weird Marryanne?  I don't know but I betting that Terra's mommy will come in torwards the end and dispatch marryanne with her new sanctified self. I don't know, I am so perplexed by it all, I can't believe its my favorite show on television. I love it. What do you think is going to happen?If you follow the series that is?