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November 13, 2011

A little Something i have cobbled together about days off work

Day Off

So I do get the occasional day off and today is one of them, but what do you do on your day off most of my day is spent cleaning the home and lounging watching TV.
So what does everybody else do on there days off?

I’ve spoken to most of my friends and they seem to do things like visit family or go shopping or even and get this, they hang around with people they often work with I’m sorry what was that socialise with the people they have spent all week with I can't believe it I spend all week with these people and thinking of things to talk about with them is hard enough never mind spending my one day off with them, that would only end in even less to talk about situation you see it removes the basis of all awkward conversation starters such as "so what did you do last night"
and with this removed what else is there because lets face it your basic work colleague doesn't climb mountains at the weekend or save the endangered blue firefly.

So why would you if you spend all the time together what is there to talk about its like siblings you spent all your youth with them so now when you see each other its awkward silence and the occasional punch to the chest.

See here’s the problem mixing private life with work life makes your life much duller.
Hmm maybe it sounds better like this “all work and socialising with work people make me a dull boy”.