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July 26, 2010


And I thought no one would ask . . . this will give me a chance to daydream about Ryan Reynolds. 

Ryan . . . Ryan . . . Ryan ~ is Canadian comedian who I discovered back in 1998 (Yes, I'm taking the credit for discovering him :D) in a funny sitcom called "Two guys, a girl and a pizza place"  

I heart this trio!

He played Michael "Berg" Bergen, a very laid back pre-med student ~ preppy and really cute!  Of course, his comedic timing was impeccable.

Later on the sitcom transformed into:

The first movie that I have seen him was "National Lampoon: Van Wilder"  I was never a National Lampoon fan but I watched Van Wilder about a dozen times and got a copy of the movie.  In addition to the comedic genius behind this movie, is Ryan's buff, clenched butt cheeks!!! (No photographs here, you will just have to see the movie.)

When I saw that he was playing Deadpool in the "The X-men Origins: Wolverine" ~ I had to drag somebody to watch it with me.  And it was a great movie because of Ryan Reynolds (in my opinion) 

The last movie I saw that he's in it was "The Proposal"  Eventhough I don't really like Sandra Bullock ~ I had to watch it because of him.

And I can't wait for him to show off Green Lantern's green lantern in his latest movie ~ "Green Lantern" (d'oh!)

Ryan Reynolds, why don't you love me . . . or is that David Duchovny.  Anywho, I'll be dreaming of him tonight . . . Ryan . . . Ryan . . . Ryan . . . here's more photo of him!