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March 18, 2014

One too many Tipsy Leprechauns leave you less than stellar? Check out these bizarre cures from around the world ... if they don't make you sicker, nothing will!

Got hangover? Shopping (as if you didn't know) is my wonder drug of choice. Like men with motors, wandering about Bloomies is my kind of road rally -- it gets me revved when I'm down, de-stresses after a long day, and proves shoes can change the world, all while bringing my Pinterest boards to life.

Seriously, have you browsed the All Saints boutique? A veritable candy land cure-all. Talk about sugar highs ... it takes me hours to come down. (Plus it's 100% legal with no telltale odor.) There's nothing better than coming home, throwing down scads of bags, and letting the fashion show begin. Crank up some tunespour a glass of Chardonnay, and you've saved thousands on therapy. But back to your hangover.

For all my little boozers who may have imbibed just a tad too much and can't move (much less shop), here are some of the world's most bizarre hangover cures. Headaches, nausea, dehydration, and the ilk will laugh themselves right out of your body. Then fire up the credit card, you've got real work to do. Cheers!
1. Pickled Herring
If it's endorsed by the Germans, you know it works. They don't f*ck around, so just eat the damn things. 
2. Sour Pickle Juice
The Polish believe high levels of electrolytes repair the liver after living it up. Just don't ask how many pickles it takes to screw in a lightbulb.
3. Tripe Soup
Evidently, in Romania, a cow's stomach lining is a methane-tootin' miracle when you're sloshed.
4. Umeboshi Plums
One guess where these originate. The Japanese even steep the little puckers in green tea to let the salty, sour goodness kick them in the ass sip after sip.
5. Shrimp
Ok, go figure, but in Mexico, this "Vuelva a la Vida" (return to life) food gets'em dancing on the tables after a night of, um, dancing on the tables.
6. Boiled Banana Peel
Yum ... and we all have several stinky ones lying around the house. Ancient Chinese secrets are so silly. BTW, you drink the liquid after boiling the peel rather than eating the mushy mess. Equally fun. 
7. Salted Coffee
No explanation necessary. I'd listen to any country that produces a trés cray fashion genius like Jean Paul Gaultier, regardless of how snarky they are to Americans. Snark away, but do you have that in a size 0? Merci.
8. Deep-fried Canaries
Ahhhh, those crazy ancient Romans. When you start giving Tweety the evil eye, mankind is one step closer to cannibalism. Grab some Pepto and call it a day.
9. Lemons and Limes
It's not in any way what you're thinking. Rub these fruits under your armpits like the Puerto Ricans for round-the-clock hangover protection ... and a cool citrusy scent.
10. Cold Lemon Water
This is a REAL and very personal cure (as if I invented water and lemons). It seems contradictory but, honestly, whenever I've downed one too many geisha-ritas, it's the L-Word (that's lemon) for me. Crazy, eh? Ok, not so much. xo