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December 15, 2017

The team from the head of Keith Evans brings you the latest news in health, nationwide.

Health Inspectors finally gather evidence to shut down The Aristocrats’ residency in Las Vegas

Health inspectors have jobs that cannot be taken lightly. For this reason, it’s easy to see why the pursuit to set certain standards is of the utmost importance. Such a case, that has escaped Clark County officials for decades, has now come to a close.

Effective immediately, a family, who has performed outside of the Las Vegas strip at multiple venues, for 22 years, is shutting down it’s world renown Aristocrats act. Rick Ferguson, Nevada Environmental Health Inspector, announced the show’s closing in a press conference that rocked the state’s entertainment industry to its very core.

“After years of incomplete paperwork and borderline ‘lack of evidence’, we’ve finally been able to cite the correct health violations to end this show!”

The family, who have chosen to remain anonymous, was seen loading their props and equipment into a small SUV after the announcement was made. They refused comment at this time.

“They made just one critical mistake,” said Ferguson. “And with an act like theirs, not having one single container of sanitizer within a 3 mile radius was the final nail in the coffin we needed.”

Maverick, the family’s dog, who was apart of the original cast before retiring in 2003, is said to have been working closely with officials.

“There are a lot of things I am willing to do.” said Maverick. “I put my paw down when it comes to endangering the lives and well being of our audience. I guess that’s just the thespian in me. I am a professional actor first, and a dog second. I won’t compromise either!”