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March 04, 2009


I apologize for the light&localness of this blog, but what the hey! It does contain bacon.

Gary Metivier was in Burlington today to speak with a couple local schools. I first heard about it when a representative of Notre Dame High School stopped by this morning and wanted to buy thirty copies of his newest book, "A Hog Ate My Homework." I was able to accommodate the customer, but that cleaned me out of stock.

If you live in the area and you don't recognize the name, I am sure you would if you heard him speak or saw him on television. He is a newscaster for channel Six in Davenport. He spoke at Notre Dame this afternoon and he will be at Sunnyside School tonight.
In the past, whenever he has these speaking engagements in town, he has stopped by my store to say hi and sign copies of both his children’s books (The other being "Willie's Wagon"). I suspected he might stop by again when I heard he was in town, and I was disappointed that I no longer had any stock.
Sure enough, he was waiting at my store when I got back from break. The good news was I was able to get replacement stock directly from him! Yay Gary!

But why bore you with concerns of back stock? To set up what happened with the pig!

I received 120 copies of his book and he was going to sign as many as he could before his next appointment. I built a little desk out of cardboard in the back room and we chatted as he signed. He told me that he brought his pig to the presentations and I just assumed it was a toy pig...but sure enough he had a 7 month old pink little pig in the back of his car (in a pet carrier) that was just outside my door. Her name is Frankie.

As we were talking, a customer did a double take and ask me if that was who she thought it was? And I said,"Yep! That's me in the reflection from the mirror on the wall." And she said..."No, not that guy...the one with the very distinguishable voice and news awards hung around his neck."

I went to introduce her to him, but before I could, he had stepped outside because he thought Frankie needed to go to the bathroom... since she had been cooped up in the car for quite a while, and he dreaded road trips with bacon poo wafting throughout the car. I called Gary over to meet the customer and he set Frankie on the pavement and told us she would stay close to his car. But Frankie had other ideas. At first she just wandered around the curb. However, it was not long before Frankie noticed the one thing that every pig dreams about. She noticed that great big mud field behind the mall. Gary went after her, and it turned into a race. That little pig went clear across that puddled grass.... all the while, newscaster and newsmaker Gary Metivier was zigzagging like a defensive tackle at a football game. Finally on the outside edge of the last puddle on the green, he snagged Frankie and picked her up (NO! He did NOT spike the ball.) You should have heard Frankie squeal! She was truly one unhappy pig. Poor Frankie.

He brought her into the store and laughed and chatted with the customer while Frankie was allowed to explore my backroom. Apparently, Frankie forgave Gary for her interrupted mudpack, her little tail was wagging as she sniffed and snorted around the boxes of books.

Gary and Frankie left soon after but both are welcome to visit anytime they want to. In fact, Gary and I are working on giving him a chance to present at the mall this summer (date is pending), where he wants to sign his book personally for his fans and perhaps read aloud from it. Frankie is a must show when he does. Now to quote from another children’s book about another famous swine...That's "Some Pig!"