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October 17, 2012

I can't remember the last time I had a Yaakov Rosenblatt. Does it still cost $20?

Dear Rabies, if that is your real name,

You have grown an erection as of late, and your erections have track marks. Your "Open Letter To Sarah Silverman" has been heard about (but not read) by bazilliongs of Twitterers. You have zero Twitter followers to consume your mix of self-entitlement & that other word.

I wouldn’t be writing these words had your most recent "letter" not been framed and matted over the meme fireplace of goatse attention seeking.

Your name is Rosenblatt. My name is Godfrey. We both have the ability to form sentences; I am not sure what else we share, as I may assume you are not part of the human species. You are good at what you do – Raising rabbits. – and I try to be good at what I do – Releasing the hounds. My life is blessed with zero children and my day is spent stress free & relaxing in a quiet shade (smiley face).

You stand out for the next 15 minutes because you posted a letter to Sarah Silverman that was unnecessary & unwanted.  It was crude and pointless, simple and punishing; Your perception of the human condition is questionable. You have a knack for finding faults and inconsistencies in people. Hey look, I quoted you word for word there!

If I were to be gratuitous, I would say you are the kettle calling the pot aluminum, because you know what aluminum should look like and you seek the ultimate aluminum. I think it's adamantium ... just Google it. Where was I?

But I won’t be so gratuitous. You are an asshole. I am in the asshole biz, so trust me on this. I believe I have your number ... Area code 734.

I got bored of this right around this point ... I can't believe you made 2 full pages to chastise a comedian for doing their job. I barely got 4 paragraphs and I already have something better to do.