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October 13, 2014

The best sketches from Bill Hader hosting SNL.

Bill Hader hosted SNL for the first time and did a really great job, almost like he’s been on the show before! Here are some (four) of the best sketches from the episode.

Unsurprisingly, Stefon came back to visit Weekend Update. With him he brought some of his same old thing that has amazingly not gotten old no matter how many times he’s done it (19), his hands to hide his laughter behind, and a big announcement from him and husband Seth.

A notable sketch was “Puppet Class,” in which Bill Hader made his second appearance as Anthony Peter Coleman, a war veteran operating a puppet — also a war veteran, named Tony. This time, Anthony’s dark past overshadows the experiences of his carefree classmates, and Tony is haunted by flashbacks of watching a fellow puppet soldier die in combat.

Another recurring Hader character was crotchety old reporter Herb Welch, who stood out especially when interacting with the cast’s youngest member, Pete Davidson. Davidson appeared in quite a few sketches this week as well as on Weekend Update as himself. He is very young!

Finally, Michael Che wrote a sketch called “39 Cents,” a really great parody of those charity-organization commercials asking for money for a nondescript, impoverished country in Africa.