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December 05, 2009



So Thanksgiving has come and gone. Did you all get your fill of turkey? Are all of your pants one size to small now? If you celebrated Thanksgiving the right way, then they should be! Am I right? Did you get all of your tupperware containers back from friends and relatives that you gave leftovers to? You won't.

Make sure you eat your leftovers before they spoil because you can't eat them once they spoil.

Did you remember to set your clocks back or did you show up to work an hour early? Did you miss your appointments and have to reschedule?

Have you raked up all the leaves in your yard? Have you gotten your hats, scarves and gloves out of the closet and ready? Have you turned your thermostat up? Have you made sure your furnace is clean?

Have you?

Have you done anything to prepare for the winter? What are you gonna do if it snows? What are you gonnna do if there's a blizzard? Oh God! What if we all get snowed in!?!?


What if the snow piles up in front of our doors and windows and blocks all the sunlight!?! If the snow's in front of the door I won't be able to get out! I don't know if I have enough bread and milk here to make it through the winter! This blizzard's going to take out all the phone and internet lines and I won't be able to call anyone to bring me supplies! Even if I can, the streets are packed with ice and snow so no one can even get here anyway!!! OH MY GOD I'M GOING TO STARVE HERE IN MY COLD DARK HOUSE ALL ALONE!!!

I'm really more of a summer person.