I finally finished my homeade UFO I built secretly in my underground base I built for the 2012 rapture. I'm looking for a skilled quick learning male or female to join me on my flight. I'm looking to take a month long adventure to the moon depending upon the abilities of my UFO. I have had a few geniuses look and admire my masterpiece and have had it inspected by just about every high tech machinery and air craft engineer possible. One copilot needed and you will also get recognition for the disign of my aircraft. Copilot must have atleast 200 hours of Microsoft flight simulator logged. Or pilot experience.

Call Zach slater @ 724 771 8086
Or Father Derrick slater @ 724 787 1738
Interviews will be no longer than 30 minutes over the phone.<!-- START CLTAGS -->

(this is for real its under talent in the Pittsburgh adds on craigslist)