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September 02, 2009


  So I was watching Andrew Zimmern Eats Planet Earth and I realized...Gee, I want to go to Somoa and eat a Grub on a Stick too. Because these grubs are Coconut grubs which make them sweet and tasty unlike the grubs here in Americxico that are on a restricted diet of Dead things rottting in the ground. Like Zombies. Grubzombies, wow you could probably charge twenty-five dollars at the Hard Rock for an appitizer like that.

 I like Andrew and that guy  Anthoney Bourdain. Anthoney is Great.  I like him because the city of New York where he is from, naturaly flows from his persona which often impulses him to call BULLSHIT . 
 Like the Greenland Bit. He had to call BULLSHIT on that one.
I always wanted to play Paris. So when I see people going to Paris, I wish I were with them.
I've been to NY and  I have to say that it may be the greatest city on earth. If you have any art in you at all. You have to love NY. Its a Mecca for everything from musicians to interpritive dance to matchstick boxes. The Diversity is quite overwelming. In a majic fantastic sort of way.  Not to mention Its the birthplace of great theater.

I've been all over this great country and I love it., I need to get off Continent. I suppose.  But there really are only two kinds of people when it comes to NY and that is the people who hate NY or  people who love NY. I've never met anyone who said "NY its ok I guess."
I'm trying to cut a new Album. I haven't recorded in 8 years and that wasn't on my stuff ( You know I never have owned a project), it was some fill work for a writer I used to know-haven't seen since I quit the scene, In fact none of it ever went mainstream but I did hear a peice yesterday on the radio, I guess he sold it it was unmistakable and triggered instant recall I remember hammering it out hour after hour in the basment with our now deceased drummer and that writer I used to know. I won't mention the song because I don't want to get my ass sued for shooting off my mouth. There is a lot of ghost writing in that buisness. Oh well I got paid on the spot so no crying here. So I'm working hard on a compilation of stuff I will probably put out on CD Baby or just put it up for free downloads on Facebook or myspace I don't even have one of those accounts yet. I just got the bug to create. So it may not be your cup of tea, but its a cup you haven't tasted yet, Cause I aint did it yet. i"m rusty too. Man I bet I burned five tracks in as many minutes because I just couldn't find the sound. Well it should be out before to long around the end of the decade or something. I don't know its comming slow.
You know what?  It feels really good to be doing it again. Even if it is on this low scale. Its something that when I get done editing and I listen I say to myself,"Hey man, thats you, that aint nobody else, just you, you and a guitar. Now listen to yourself and explain to me why you ain't been doing this?" And I have no answer. I think when your not pushing it out it sounds better. I" just wandering in and out of the Studio at my own leasure. And its working great for me. I'm no Stevie ray Vaughan, or James Marshall Hendrix, but its nice to hear my stuff alive and out in the open. So thats what I have been doing lately, I want to shoot some video but I'm to tired at the end of the neverending work week. Love yall.