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December 07, 2009


Here's the thing....if you fall "in love" with a sports celebrity, you HAVE to, simply HAVE TO know that they are not going to keep it in their pants.  That's just the lay of the land (pardon the pun).  It has nothing to do with love, it really doesn't.  These are a people who can keep those plains seperate, like Navy sailors or other Armed Services that spend time abroad.  They will be bored and there will be skanky women floating around who will "service" them for the same reasons you found them attractive.  Take Tiger Woods, decent looking, rich, good sense of humor and in a whole big fat world of YES.   Now, it's not like every top heavy cocktail waitress from Orlando to Vegas is unawares of his marital status, but obviously HE DOESN'T CARE, so either do they.  They like sex.  They like the prestige of being pumped with celebrity, bedding down in first class accomodation and knowing something the wife doesn't know.  The mistress's LOVE that, that's why they are so good at being discreet because they like to think that just because nobody in their right mind would marry the cheap goods that they are, they get to think that Tiger would rather be with them.  Sexually.  It's a high.  Now, there are outlets who blame the whores, but I don't because I just shrug and ask "what do you expect from a whore?"  There are some that blame the man for lacking morals and for being a whore himself.  Some idiots even blame the wife for??? being cold in bed?  Being more concerned about the kids and putting the husband second?  Over spending?  The "wife" should just be happy she gets to keep the house right?  Spend some money and get over it?  Blame Blame Blame.  Here's the thing...if the majority of people can vote to deny the rights of marriage to any community they choose, why not take the right away from sports celebrities?  They have too much adrenaline to burn to ever be faithful.  They marry someone they expect fidelity from and want some good looking children to carry on their flame, but rather than making time to be with the kids, they make time for waitresses, stewardess, or just flat out call girls and when they get caught everyone talks about how whorish the whores are and snicker at the wife, but they never expect the man to actually have consequences.  So, since it's consequence free, and the reason people refuse to support gay marriage is because of the supposed "degradation of family values", why not outlaw marriage for a different stereotype?  Kobe, Shaq, Tiger, Frank Gifford, too many to name, since they are not reasonably expected to be faithful, they should also not be allowed to marry.