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September 22, 2009


Well then. Its a simple example of a modifed atempt to recognize or institute an uncomfortable truce. A statement that can erupt or fade into the subconcious and linger for months or years for a completion. This Dog ear of the mental anguished, complete with fragmented meaning, lurks to compound future escalated discussions. Well then. Often misunderstood as a symbol of defeat it is in fact often an acnowledgement of questionable stupidity upon its recipient. An argument after all is never really finished, is it? Well then. Well then is reactivated and continued with the simple statements  AND WHAT ABOUT THE TIME?  OH YEA WELL AT LEAST I AM NOT-WELL THEN-. Well then re-enters your life again. Well then most always is picked back up in the second half of many football games.  Moments before an important golf outing or fishing trip. Well then finds its way into your life after smoking cigars in the garage with some work buddies or having a few to many  at the local REST AND RECOUPERATIVE ALCOHOL DISPENSARy in your local area. Well then travails exquisidley upon any defeat of mechanical nature or upon your failure to recognize a more trained skill set is in order. Be aware of the evil Well Then. It is not your freind. Freind.- Oh and  I have found that if you need to talk to someone about something very important, don't take them to a restaurant that has a swimming pool with high divers. Its hard to work a conversation with actors doing back flips off your table. Well Then.