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April 14, 2010


Pollux delivers software and technology-enabled services to help global “virtualers” communicate, understand, and live together with one another, around the world, around the globe, real-time, on their Internet-enabled mobile Internet devices (also known as cell phones with bigger screens and QWERTY keypads, or “smartphones”).

We believe that virtual worlds have a promising future for becoming markets for virtual goods, and that platforms that rightly scale to synergies will prove to show unlimited potential for the here-is-now immediacy of the global marketplace for all things virtual.

The Pollux Team Member:

  • Is able to realize the synergies inherent in the historical dialectic pairing of virtual goods monetization and search engine optimization
  • Has a passion for scalable platforms
  • Is a realizer of synergies
  • Practices evangelism (using “Sermon on the Mount”® patented techniques) in a heavily matrixed, high stress environment
  • Is Tri Theta Teal Belt Certified
  • Has genius level quantum leap decision making skills
  • Does out of the box thinking (making the box become, essentially, irrelevant)
  • Is a self-starter capable of ramping up in a diamond-rated, downhill slalom ski slope environment filled with bunny slope skiers
  • Has the ability to dive for the life raft in sink-or-swim situations