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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:

As like most people in the world I spend most of my day pissed off thinking of how in the hell am going to get out of the hell that has become my life. So you might ask why would some one like myself want to stay alive & not just end it by going to war, doing drugs, or just jumping off a bridge or beating off with a belt around my neck like a normal person would do. Well i will tell you right da*n now YO! An that it's not my friends (who don't give a shit about me or what i do if there isn't somthing in it for them.) or the family (For all they do is bitch and hate on me as they try to keep me down so they can look good.) that keep me going, or the want to become a grate entertainer or anything work related what so F*CKiNG ever!. Its one thing and one thing alone and its the good old WEED. If it wasn't for HERB i would be peacing out bitches! (An taking you with me.) So U.S.A people of power and the goverment save a life by legalizing it today. (it will open your minds eye.) For They love of all that is fair and decent in this unpleasant place just Legalize it GOD DA*N it.!

P.S: The war on drugs does not work.

An remeber to smoke your weediez everyday player. Keep yo head peepz. 

Peace One Love One Life For ALL

Da Bullfrog