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August 23, 2008


T: Swimmers are so fucking strong, thats the one type of person i would not want to fight.

D: What about a Lineman?

Me: yeah or a wrestler...

L: I wouldn't want to fight a guy with a gun in one hand and an axe in the other.

Me: O SHIT some sort of lumberjack gunman, busting through walls and shooting people left and right.

L: you would hide behind a door, but that wouldn't stop him, he would bust through the door with the axe and the last thing you would see would be a hairy man wearing flannel and jeans, pointing a gun at you face.

Me: what if he had a gun axe? he would be an unstoppable killing machine.

D: A gun axe? what do you mean?

Me: you think your safe because all he has is an axe, but then he shoots you with the gun inside the axe handle, then while your bleeding on the ground, he bisects you with the axe.

D: The Gun-Axe is the most unfair weapon ever devised, there is no stopping it.