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March 27, 2009


Don't you love "just revenge?"


Just heard this and I had to share. Dog lovers will love this....

Someone (who better remain nameless for now) who owns a very friendly dog (Think Spuds McKensey), was working in his fenced in backyard and looked up to see an elderly man stroll past.  About twenty minutes later he watches the old man return and walk right up to the fence where he called the very happy pup over to the fence. The old man apparently did not notice the dog's owner in the backyard, because if he did...his crime would probably have been done at a later time. This old man reached into his pocket and pulled out a spray can of PEPPER SPRAY and sprayed the dog at very close range from over the fence. He had to reach down to do this!

Now the dog's owner watched this play out and threw his tools to the ground and then stormed over to the surprised old man,  "What the HELL! Give me that!"
At which, the surprised old man handed the pepper spray to him. The dog's owner blasts the old man in the face with his own pepperspray! Good for him!

The old man starts blubbering and wants to know why he did it. The dog's owner responds with a "Hertz donut? How do you like it!" "Now get outta here!"

The old man actually asks for his pepperspray back. But  before getting the little spray can back, it is unceremoniously stomped on and tossed back into his face.

The old man probably has been doing it for years before he was caught. I say he got off easy.