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Written by Helen Morgan.
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August 03, 2011

I loved it and I know so much about Harry Potter right now, if I had a wand I could cast a spell!

I went to see Deathly Hollows Part 2 after a one week marathon of watching all the Harry Potter films from the beginning. This is the way to do it. It does not disappoint...except for at the end because it is the "END". The only thing wrong was that I wish I was in a theater in NYC so I could have screamed and cheered. I might as well have been in a theater with people who were sleeping for all the enthusiasm they showed.
(Editor's note: My mother tells me frequently about the feisty crowds of NYC that cheer and clap during and after movies. I guess movie spirit is very important in NYC.)

One thing struck me as strange - when Harry gets up from being knocked out to fight Voldemort he has a 5 o'clock shadow. This is Harry Potter for heaven's sake. He's just a little wizard kid, not a man. Voldemort has the worst nose job ever. Talk about bad plastic surgery!!!

And, true to form, the English have such bad teeth, and I am not talking about the goblins and monsters in the movie, I am talking about the kids in Hogwarts. Whew, what a place to start a dental practice.

Oh, in one part there was a bad guy sucking the blood out of one of the dead girls. What??? Is this scene left over from Twilight? I don't remember anything about vampires from reading the Harry Potter books. (Sidebar: The Twilight movies are good too!) The special effects are fabulous. Academy award worthy. So is Daniel Radciff's acting, really. There were lots of scary parts. Maybe good for teenagers but not little kids. I'm having nightmares myself.

My favorite line in the movie is when Molly says to Belatrix, "not to my girls you don't" and kills her w/her wand. Way to go Molly. This deserved a big cheer. (Where's the movie spirit?!) I loved it and will, someday, watch them all again. I know so much about Harry Potter right now, if I had a wand I could cast a spell! Rictusempra y'all!