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July 27, 2009


Well this past weekend was very busy. Had the Comic-Con as well as a couple stand up spots. In OB at Winstons of course, then a last minute spot at The Comedy Store in La Jolla. I didnt even realize I had a spot in La Jolla! I found out when I tried to throw my hat in the ringĀ  for next weeks open mic. Im told that the set in OB was one of my best, as far as lookin comfortable and all that. Delivered pretty good on the filth I think.

Comic-Con was of course out of hand like every year. Really crowded, to much to see, and some of the stankiest folks Ive ever been around. The last time I was stuck behind anything that funky I had bought it off a street corner for fifty bucks, but this post isnt about my twelfth birthday. Its about me lookin forward to more opportunites to shock and get some laughs. So maybe Ill see you at a show sometime, we'll roast one.