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April 01, 2009

It's Official -- Queen of Country Now Queen of Internet

LOS ANGELES, CA (April 1, 2009) -- Funny or Die, the funniest place on the web, has gone country. Effective immediately, the site will be renamed Reba or Die.

"If you got to be bought out by someone, at least it's Reba," says former Funny or Die co-founder Will Ferrell.

"I have three loves; America, my family and viral internet videos. That's why I have paid 350 million dollars of my own money to buy Funny or Die," says McEntire.

Most of the site changes were implemented today. Funny or Die, which has offices in Palo Alto, CA and Hollywood, CA, offered its staff relocation packages that will cover moving expenses to Chockie, Oklahoma, birth place of Ms. McEntire and new head offices for Reba or Die.