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April 09, 2010


California played host to several rallies throughout March all over the state. The cause itself sounds honorable. The cause is to stop budget cuts and put more funding toward California schools. Sounds great right? Education rocks! Well, until you read the fine print. When you google day of action March 4 2010, you link straight to the teachers brach of the AFL-CIO. Thats interesting, why would teacher's unions in California want higher wages to teachers who are already paid the highest in the country? Gee I have no idea why power hungry unions want more money. It just escapes me. The main sites also link to the departments of Obama's religion guy, Jim Wallis. It also links to the department of outspoken Communist Van Jones, the infamous Green Czar. So what could unions, Communists, and social justice Marxists gain from this cause? A lot. The movement itself, or the motive, is honorable. To want better education for the youth of California. However, Progressives have twisted the cause to brainwash children into protesting the cause which offers no solution. The cause only complains about cuts. Does anybody realize a small cut in teacher pay will save jobs and bring back special programs such as summer school? 
A video I have seen recently is hilarious and disturbing. Megan Fox and her has-been boyfriend whos name escapes me, complain about cuts and make the situation appear worse than it actually is. Is there a problem in California, yes. Is action needed, yes. But to fix education, start trying to figure out problems with the English-learning population of students, the high number of students in California, and the constant demand for handouts.
Dear pinheads, education is not a right, it is a privalege that we are so fortunate to have and countries such as China and even Mexico do not. Enjoy the privaleges we have, before thinking it is a right.