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November 08, 2009


s10. Men who stare at  David Letterman's pants.

9. Men who stare at pot roasts.

8. Men who stare at Lisa Edelstein and think about donkey shows.

7. Men who stare at other men's crotches and are in denial about it.

6. Goats who stare at men with Groats syndrome.

5. Mel Gibson's "I stare at goats and all I see is Jews. Dirty Jews."

4. The Man who was quite sure he once started at a goat for about 37 seconds before coming down with a strong case of boredom.

3. Men who stare at coats.

2. The Man who laughed at George Clooney as Batman while watching his wife have sex with a goat.

1. Susie Greene's "Stop staring at the fucking goat already and fuck me you fat disgusting fuck!"