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October 10, 2010

Originally Blogged: 2009 - http://www.ihavezlatathoughts.com

February 24, 2009 - The latest sensation to sweep the internet nation is a concept known as Facebook Shopping. You know how it goes: single friends go through your pictures to look at your opposite sex single friends, with full intentions by both parties for a potential setup. This weekend, I hung out with with some single ladies (shoulda putta ring on it) who were ready to pimp out their single male friends to me before we finished our second pitcher of Lychee Margarita. My gal pal Rorie had a few guys lined up for me to check out (obvouisly on Facebook.) Tonight, she followed up to see if I've peeped their profiles while we were on FB chatting away and before I knew it, I was online shopping for men. Going through her pictures, pointing out the cute ones, getting their availability status, etc. 
A while back, I dated this guy for a few months. It didn't work out, but we remained friends...sometimes with benefits, but nonetheless - friends. One night, we went spent time on one another's Facebooks, "shopping" for potential dates. "No, he's not you're type," he'd say; "Oh, hellll no - you would NOT like her," I'd say...and so on and forth.
If I were smart, I'd jump on the online dating craze and make my own dating service. Yea, I'd call it: Mutual Facebook Friends Dating Service for People Who Can't Date Good.
No, but seriously - I think this is a really good idea. Think about it: Normally, you don't want to meet a complete stranger...you'd like for your potential date to have some sort of good standing with a friend of yours. Mutual friend dating is the way to go.
I'll be like Millionaire Matchmaker.
And those are my thoughts on that.