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February 16, 2010


Those Were Different Times Contest #18

Introducing: Ira North's album : "If I Were A Woman" 
14.  “... I might be facing slightly less time for my child-molestation indiscretions. ”
13. ..anal would still be a sin so what's the difference
12. I would "save" guys at last call.
11. ...... I would make me a damn sandwich.
10. ....maybe Dad wouldn't have been so attracted to me.
9. ...I'd want to be Rhea Perlman. She's feisty!
8. ...men wouldn't take me seriously. So I'll keep the penis and just dress up on weekends.
7. ...I wouldn't have to have a personality as long as I was pretty.
6.  “ ... Pastor Dan would get the suck-job of a lifetime. ”
5. ..... I would have nothing to speak about, I would know better.
4. “ ... this book would be FULL of phone-numbers. ”
3. I wouldn't look so faggy when I drink my "Pink Ladys".......sooooo scrumptious!!
2. I could falsely accuse innocent men of rape

1. I would be part of a Scottish Sobriety Test.