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July 24, 2010


Here I am, a 45 year old man, and I'm playing with dolls.  Alright, let me explain.  My wife has been at a PTA conference yesterday and today.  Yesterday, while trying to entertain my 6 yo daughter, she insisted I play barbies with her.  It was either that, or she was painting my toenails.  I chose the lesser of two evils.  And besides, Barbie has some pretty hot friends. 

Anywho, in the attempt to keep my sanity I started manipulating Ken's head and discovered I could make him look like someone else.  So, without further ado, I present Ken, the doll with a thousand faces.  Okay, it's more like two.

It's James Cagney!  You rat, you dirty rat, you!  Amazing, isn't it?

Julian Sands!  Wow, is this amazing or what?!  It's uncanny, isn't it?

That's it.  Hope you enjoyed the show.

It didn't work did it?  I've lost my mind.  I've officially gone over the edge, haven't I?