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June 16, 2008


Hey Rumiez here,

Just wanted to say thank you to Tom O' Brien aka (gottadime) who posted a Tornado short to us last week. We'll its filmed, posted and it was fun as hell. Also if anyone elese has an Idea, story, script, that they would like us to do, send it to us. Remember you'll get a story credit and co- wrighting credit. This is how it should be, joint creativity. It's allot of fun to see a story that someone wrote and then see our interpation. It would also work Vice versa. So again thank you Tom and we look forward to reading and filming some other great Ideas.

PS: Don't be shy let your inner RUMIEZ shine. It can be Just an Idea if you want. Don't worry about a whole script unless you want to send a whole script. It's all up to you. We had a shit ton of fun and looking forward to doing it again.

Love Ya - RUMIEZ