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Published July 11, 2012


(NEW YORK) - In a reverse sting operation, a homeless man went undercover pretending to be FOX News pundit John Stossel for a day, even appearing on FOX and Friends.

Said the homeless man of his on-air interview on FOX & Friends; “They just automatically believed I was John Stossel because I was on calling poor people lazy and had a dumb-looking moustache. It’s almost like John Stossel had no friends around FOX News who would have recognized him at all.”

The homeless man said the experience was an eye-opener. “You see these pundits every day and usually you just assume they’re insane, or made some very bad life decisions to wind up being on FOX News. But in some cases, these guys make millions. But they just spend it all on drugs and alcohol, like Rush Limbaugh.”

He added; “You shouldn’t give your attention to these people, you’re just encouraging this kind of behavior.”

The real John Stossel was unavailable for comment as he was posing as a homeless man, attempting to prove that poor people are secretly very rich and deserve no respect or pity.

FOX executives were so impressed that they offered the homeless man John Stossel’s job at FOX News.

“No thanks,” said the homeless man. “I may be homeless, but I have some dignity. I’ll take my chances on the street with the winos, sickos and prostitutes. You know, Jesus’ people.”

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