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April 30, 2013

There are many stores available online selling teacup puppies and iheartteacup reviews certainly can help you choose!

‘Teacup’ puppies are simply adorable. Perhaps this is why there has been growing demand to adopt these puppies. However, before you choose to purchase one of the teacup dog breeds, it is important to consider that it encompasses a lot of effort of care, dedication, time and energy in order to train your ‘teacup’.

There are many stores available online selling teacup puppies and iheartteacup reviews certainly can help you choose!

Teacup puppies are extremely fragile animals and have to be taken care of just like babies. It is important to understand the behavior and actions of your ‘teacup’, and one must also do research on the special habits or health problems your teacup may have. It is to be kept in mind that the animal has been separated from its parents and siblings and is in a completely different environment. Efforts should be made by individual family members to create a bond with the animal, especially in the first couple of weeks.

Before you bring home your teacup puppy, this is all that you will need:

A puppy play pen or crate:

This is an important equipment, as the baby teacup may encounter accidents or chew things up. The crate should be of proper size and not big, as the puppy may have accidents within it as well. If the area is of the appropriate size, it will not use it for bathroom purposes as teacups do not like being around their excreta.

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Owing to their small size, teacup puppies need to re compensate for their energy  spent more frequently than other puppies. Proper nutrition must be provided in the form of good quality puppy food. Providing better quality food will also not shed as much. It is essential to purchase two dishes, one for water and the other for food.

Chewing materials:

Teacup puppies have a common and rather bad habit of chewing. It is important that you provide them with proper chewing articles so that they do not spoil your possessions such as clothes, shoes and other items they get hold of. Never leave things lying around the house and make sure they are picked up and stored properly from time to time.


Teacup puppies love to play, and can be supplied with a number of things to play with. They love carrying toys around the house in their mouth which make a squeaky sound. Toys such as balls can be given to them, however one must make sure the toy is big enough and does account for a choking hazard. If in doubt about a particular play item, it is favorable that you do not allow your puppy to play with it. Also, initially the teacup should not be allowed to play for more than an hour at a time. Keep track of the time children in the family play with the animal.

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