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May 16, 2010


So, I came home from work on Thursday to find my door fucking destroyed, and, thinking that someone might still be in the house I went to a neighbor, called the police and then the three of us went over to check it out. 
Rick pushed the door..it  didn't open, pushed again....DIDN'T OPEN!!  Bitch broke my door in such a way that NOBODY could fucking open it.  Took the locksmith almost an hour, using a DRILL!!  Just to get my door open.  Everything inside was fine.  Nobody got hurt.  Yet.
Here's the thing: Obviously we were being watched. Someone had the balls to try this when I am home quite frequently and only work a four hour shift, four days a week.  And, if they HAVE been watching me, then they've seen me pushing my little girl in her wheelchair, and fuckers still wanted to come and and steal from my daughter....that REALLY PISSES ME OFF.
I mean, ultimately the joke would be on them because we don't keep money in the house.  I am not into jewelry and am usually wearing the only things I have of real value.
My computer is about 6 years old, Nigel takes his laptop to work...our X Box is a couple of years old and all of the games are Kelly's.  So, like it or not, they'd only really be stealing from her.  I won our television at a work function LOL  So...all that effort (if you saw my dead bolt lock COMPLETELY MUSHED from someone fairly aggressive with a crow bar), would have been a complete waste of time and I would not have been surprised to come home to find the perp sitting on our couch crying, asking me why I'd wanna play a brother like that?
I kind of feel bad for them and might even make a t-shirt that reads "I wrecked my shoulder busting down this bitch's door and all I got was this lousy t-shirt"., just in case they decide to try again.