I’m not here to tell you cigarettes are good for you. They’re terrible for you. Deciding to smoke cigarettes will more than likely lead to a lifetime of addiction, stinky fingers, bad breath, lung problems, throat holes, and countless other horrific problems. WE ALL KNOW THIS. But there is always that one exception to every rule that makes you think JUST MAYBE you can get away with breaking the rule and come out the other side looking very cool. And in the case of smoking, the Marlboro Man is the exception to the overwhelming rule that if you smoke your whole life you’ll die young and all haggard and stuff.

Darrell Winfield was one of the original Marlboro Men. He was born in Oklahoma and lived in Wyoming and passed away in his home Monday at the age of 85. HIs cause of death is unknown at this time.

Advertisements lie all the time, in fact I’d argue that all ads are lies that are destroying this country and the Yellow Pages should be the only way people can find out about companies and products. But, according to Winfield’s obituary, the man playing the Marlboro Man was as authentic and truthful as they come. He worked as a cowboy rancher his whole life and “He loved horses, rodeo, especially team roping, ranching, and the cowboy way of life,” it says. He also was asked once what his life would have been like if he never became the Marlboro Man and he replied, “Life would have basically been the same.”

So Marlboro was looking to sell the image of “real men smoke this cigarette” and it looks like they chose the right man for the job. Other facts about the Marlboro Man that were not mentioned in his obituary but I’m assuming can be attributed to him:

11 Facts About The Marlboro Man

  • They used his natural scent to develop some later versions of Old Spice deodorant
  • He didn’t know what the word “duvet” referred to
  • He never needed glasses
  • He ate steak and potatoes for all meals and snacks and it’s how he washed down any pills he had to take
  • His eyes were like ice and his touch soft as leather
  • He could bench, like, 300
  • He could make love for as long or as short a time as his gal required
  • “Rugged” wasn’t his middle name but it was his nickname and everyone thinks it was a super accurate nickname
  • His middle name was “Stout Of Heart”
  • He wore exclusively leather and denim, even for socks and underwear
  • He used the sun to tell the time but sure as hell never sweated it if he was late to something