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November 27, 2017

The PC police are at it again!

Everyone knows that there is a war on Christmas.

But the latest assault on the freedoms of America’s Christians just reached a whole new low.

So get this. Chevrolet had plans to flip its logo vertically to make it a cross, just in time for Christmas season. Awesome idea, right?

This was what the logo was going to look like:


A beautiful Christian cross.

But there was one big problem… The Deep State wouldn’t allow it!

Apparently, they said it would be “offensive” to non-Christians, so they threatened to shut the entire Chevrolet company if it went through with the logo change!

Absolutely disgusting.

Tragically, Chevy had no choice but to comply. They really wanted to use the cross to express their religious freedom, but sure enough, the left-wing, globalist, and satanic agenda of the Deep State was just too powerful.

Chevy also considered suing, but that plan was futile since the Deep State, of course, controls the entire court system as well.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Chevy at this difficult time. Can you believe this travesty is happening in America?

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