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June 17, 2008


Shortly after our arrival to Barcelona, we had an orientation to give us the 411 on the culture here. We were given a to-do list and a to-don't list!

-They warned us about the kissing on the cheeks.... don't be freaked out, just be expecting that its completely normal. Check.
-They told us that it is rude to yawn in public.
-They told us it is rude to put your feet up in public.
-They told us that the spanish are quiet and that if you are loud...they'll let you know what they think. (That'll explain my being shoooooshed earlier in my trip.)
If you are loud in your apartment, the neighbors will handle things by calling the police.

And then they told us how we should behave in class. See......the professors here take things personal.
-If you go to class wearing a swimsuit in a cover up (which no one here does because they go to the beach fully clothed and then change) that its disrespectful to the professor.
-Just like being tardy is disrespectful. Some places actually have the door locks on a timer, so if you are late, you aren't getting in.
-You are also not allowed to eat in class....in Barcelona, eating is sacred in a way. Time spent eating is enjoyed and not to be taken lightly. So by eating in class...you are simply saying, I need a place to eat, this is convenient for me, thanks for the table.

-It is also considered disrespectul if you wear sweats or gym shorts class...which I have done the last two days of class.

I've actually gone to class a little worried that I would be dissin' on Pep because I was tired and decided to just throw on some comfy clothes and go to class. The etiquette they didn't cover was what you do in class, the morning after a good time.

Today two of the girls in my class (the ones I always here about going to bed at like 6:30am) strolled in about 10 minutes late to class. (Let's keep score, that's dis-1) Upon walking in they were giggling and laughing.... What's that I smell? Hmmm.... thats a familiar smell. That's what A Rod smells like the day after a party. They were still DRUNK! and Pep knew it. (dis-2) The entire class, every time they spoke up, I smelt alcohol. They couldn't stop laughing about stupid things. And one girl impeticular kept bringing up insignificant stories. (dis-3....interruption counts, right) Pep had suggest she go get some water when entering class, but she declined his invitation....she probably should've taken him up on it. Oh....and don't worry about all the money they spend on drinks, they got a job promoting a pub crawl. Moms everywhere should be proud. :)

Everyday in spanish class keeps getting more and more interesting. I'm off to the Barceloneta!