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Published: April 24, 2011
Description: Does Justin Bieber like Pandas?!? JUSTIN BIEBER OR DIE
Do you ever wish that you could be the one meeting Justin Bieber. Well I do! He`s awesome he has great music and great style. He`s a regular guy so way make a big deal about it. Justin has his ups and downs like everybody else. Yeah he`s cute. But he`s funny like us. He`s got friends like us. Oh, and I`m curious does anyone think Justin Bieber likes Pandas? LOL! Random question. Oh, an he`s random to! Justin rules hope to meet you some day it would be a dream. <3 Hope you also go on tour this summer and surprise people all around the world. PANDAS!<3 THIS IS ALSO JUSTIN BIEBER OR DIE! 

P.S. If any body finds out if Justin Bieber likes Pandas message me! LOL! BYEEEE

Pufflegirl1998 (Rosy)